Setting Up a PowerSchool Parent Account

  1. Open the internet browser on your computer

  2. Type into the address bar

  3. Click Create Account Tab

Step 3: Click Create Account Tab

  1. Click Create Account Button

Step 4: Click Create Account Button

  1. Enter your account creation information

Step 5: Enter account creation information

  1. Enter in Name, Access ID, Access Password, and Relationship for each student

Step 6: Enter in Name, Access ID, and Access Password for each student.

  1. Click Submit

  2. You will receive an email verification at the email address you entered for your account from Click the verification link in the email

Please Note: This email may take a minute to show up. If you still do not see it after several minutes, please check your spam folder to make sure it was not incorrectly picked up as spam.

  1. After verifying your email, sign in to your account